About Us

David Stanski

In June  of 1972, Dave Stanski joined the family business.  In June of 1999,  upon the passing of his brother Ray, Dave took over as manager and CEO  of S & S Valve Service.  He has been in the valve business for over  42 years.  Contact Dave for information and he'll be more than happy to  help. 

Phone: 732-548-2040 

Fax: 732-549-9550

Email:  ssvalve@aol.com 

Elaine Thomas

Elaine Thomas has 40 plus years valve experience.  She got her start in 1976 working for JE Lonergan Company.  In 1989, when Lonergan closed their doors in Philadelphia and relocated to Ft. Wayne, IN, she went to work at Capital Valve Service.  Later she worked for A-G Safety Sales & Service of NJ, a division of Anderson Greenwood.  Elaine became a member of the S & S Valve Service family in 2003.  She is highly knowledgeable with numerous valve manufacturers including Conbraco, Hydroseal, Lonergan, Kunkle, Anderson Greenwood, Consolidated, Crosby & Farris.  Feel free to contact Elaine for any information and she will go above and beyond to meet your needs.  When a customer needs a valve or a part, her motto is never say die.  Customer satisfaction is her number one priority. 

 Phone: 610-693-6360
Fax:     610-693-6361
Email:  ejt417@comcast.net 

Gary Yarussi

Gary Yarussi has been working with valves for more than 20 years.  He began working at S & S Valve in 1980 through 1988 and returned in 2007.  He has hands-on experience in repairing safety valves, regulators and other related equipment.  Feel free to contact Gary with any questions and he’ll be more than happy to assist you with your needs. 

 Phone: 732-548-2040
Fax:     732-549-9550
Email:  maxst50@aol.com 

Maria Oliveira

 Maria Oliveira has more than 30 years of experience in business and financing, having been with us since 2005.  She handles the accounts payables, accounts receivables, collections, payroll and taxes for the company.  A true multitasker, Maria does a little bit of everything in the office to assure things are run smoothly and efficiently. 

 Phone: 732-548-2040
Fax:     732-549-9550
Email: ssvalvemaria@aol.com